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Many parents of children with ADHD dread social gatherings with other parents and their children. Where other children can play quietly with each other, children with ADHD cannot; as soon as their parents’ backs are turned, they take toys apart, try to slide down banisters, or grab other children’s toys. Parents of hyperactive children often feel embarrassed when their child acts up, especially when other parents give them judgmental, condescending looks. In order to cope with the hardships of parenting an ADHD child, it helps to be surrounded by parents who understand your situation and who can give you advice or a hug when things get tough.

While CHADD is certainly the most popular ADHD support group, there are other communities that you can join if CHADD is inaccessible or if you don’t agree with the group’s philosophies. Here are some ADHD support groups worth checking out.

Moms with ADHD

Are you a mom diagnosed with ADHD? Are your symptoms making it difficult to cope with your career, relationships, and family life? Consider being a member of Moms with ADHD, an informal online support group where moms can raise their concerns about parenting, discuss ADHD-related issues, or simply find the support they need. The website’s forums are a goldmine of information and tried-and-tested advice from fellow moms who have been where you are. In addition to the online discussion, the Moms with ADHD website also offer helpful articles on coping with adhd child or handling a hyperactive child.

Conduct Disorders

If you’re having a trying time raising your ADHD child, Conduct Disorders will be an indispensable online resource. Although it’s not a support group for parents of ADHD children per se, Conduct Disorders was created and run by parents who are raising challenging children. While their kids’ diagnoses may be different, they all have one thing in common – they are resistant and oppositional to traditional parenting methods. The great thing about the Conduct Disorders community is that they don’t believe in a “magic bullet” to treating their children; instead, the members will help you figure out methods and treatment plans that might work for your child. You’ll be amazed and grateful by the suggestions, advice, and overall support the members have to offer!


Ireland-based parents should definitely look into the HADD Family Support Group, an organization formed and maintained by parents with ADHD or who are raising children with ADHD. For the last 25 years, HADD members have been helping each other cope with the disorder, raising awareness about ADHD, and sharing their information, resources, and experience with interested new members. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in ADHD, be they a parent, an adult with ADHD, or a health care professional. Learn more about HADD at.

New Zealand ADHD Support Group

Parents of ADHD kids in New Zealand will be relieved to know that there is a large online support group just for them. The New Zealand ADHD Support Group was organized to provide parents with information about ADHD so they can make educated choices about their child’s future. Aside from answering frequently asked questions about the disorder, the website also celebrates the positive side of ADHD with features like ADHD art work and ADHD child of the month.

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