Benefits of Pet Therapy

We love our pets. Over half of pet owners sleep with their pets and celebrate their pets birthday. It has been found that pets are also good for your health.

Researchers in a landmark study interviewed ninety six people, who had serious heart problems. They were asked about their social lives, their income and their pets. After a year, seventy eight of those people were still alive of the thirty nine people who didn’t own a pet eleven had died. The fifty three people who did own a pet, only three had died. If you have a pet you more likely to live longer the study suggests.

Some researchers suggest dogs and other pets have a calming effect on people in every age group. One study found that in children, being near a dog reduced blood pressure. Petting your pet can lower your pulse and blood pressure.

Doctors do not understand how the benefits of pet therapy helps our health and makes us feel good. Pets may ward off loneliness, depression and other psychological problems that keep us from being in tip-top shape.

One study conducted at the School of Public Health at the University of California found that elderly people who own pets need to see best organic cbd for dogs the doctor less often than those who do not own pets. The study was conducted over the course of a year. Researchers followed almost one thousand Medicare recipients. Over one third of the recipients owned pets. The pet owners visited their doctors less often than the non-pet owners. Patients who were experiencing stress and did not own a pet were more likely to visit their doctor than those patients who were experiencing stress and did own a pet.

An owner bonding to their pet may bond as strongly as a parent bonds to their child, doctors found. This is why the benefits of pet therapy is so strong. Pet therapy is now commonplace in a great many nursing homes, retirement centers and even prisons. Pets help people feel good about themselves.

From the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University, Leo Bustad says, “Forces that connect people and animals are especially strong and enduring.” Dr. Busted recalls a woman who had a stroke and was living in a nursing home. She spent all her time on the couch in the fetal position, unresponsive. That is until a Persian cat named Handsome, was put in the room with her. The woman started inviting people in to see her new pet.

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