Could a Memory Foam Mattress Help You Battle Anxiety and Stress?

Anxiety and stress are nothing new, but perhaps now more than ever in recent times, more of us are vulnerable to emotional stress. A memory foam mattress may be able to help create a more conducive sleeping environment. The credit crunch has affected people from all walks of life, having a negative impact on peoples’ savings, property value, pensions and employment security. As more people worry about making ends meet, it’s no wonder more of us are finding it hard to switch off and get to sleep. But rather unfairly – the stress that keeps us awake is only exacerbated by lack of sleep and the whole thing can quickly become a vicious circle.

Snuggling under the Duvet

It’s no wonder more of us long for our bedrooms to become luxurious sanctuaries, complete with ultra comfortable memory foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress molds itself to the heat of your body, for the ultimate support and comfort. And hiding under the duvet may well be the best option when you consider the state of the world – alongside the credit crunch we’re contending with the impending doom of global warming, war, terrorism, bird flu, identity theft and fatal illnesses. Sleep is the only real respite and escape that we have, giving our bodies and minds a much-needed nightly boost.

What’s Hiding under Your Bed?

All of us have some level of stress, anxiety or fear. And ensuring you have the best Kingsize Mattress possible, luxurious bedding and conducive lighting in your bedroom can help create a safe refuge, where you can shut the door on the rest of the world and its troubles. Perhaps it’s time you invested in a decent memory foam mattress and luxury bedding and spent more quality time under the duvet – research shows that rates of paranoia are slowly rising. But our culture of mistrust and fear has deepened since the terrorist attacks in the West. The fear of crime, lack of trust around strangers and our ‘batten down the hatches’ mentality means more of us are struggling with stress and anxiety. The increasing isolation of modern life, combined with the bombardment of bad news means more of us feel uneasy in the world. Sleep may be our only respite – make sure you have a comfortable memory foam mattress and invest in high quality sleep.

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