Discover Holidays in India on Incredible Heritage

“Namaskar” … a greeting and nice magic welcome you upon arrival in the country, acknowledged with sincerity, hands clasped and head bowed. A journey to India is still today a true adventure and full of sentiments, a source of unforgettable memories that will remain eternally engraved in your memory. Hindi – This beautiful language is a reflection of a great country, and also distinguished the one.

With a tour to India to learn Mughal and Hindu cultures that cover northern India a cloak of gold and brocade. India is the country of maharajas, palaces, violent colors and emotions. Discover Holidays in India on the incredible heritage that sprinkles these areas and let you to be mesmerized by the epic legends of India.

A stay in India will reveal a world of contrasts: market driven, captivating scenes of everyday life, temples and fairy-tale palaces where the history of Hinduism and Buddhism is enshrined forever in stone, diversity of a people each is to present the rites of his religion. During your Holidays in India you will see the palace of dreams and enchanted gardens, spectacular temples and houses decorated with frescoes, women in saris and skillful craftsmen, colorful markets and caravans of the desert, with music and eccentric traditions, dances and new technologies, India is gradually changing but remains just as enchanting!

During your tour to India, the “land of kings” has a thousand and one beauties over this glorious stay! The citadels Warhammer 40k of the palaces, the camel safari in the jeep, live dream in full. In the north you will find the most beautiful monuments of the country: the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra, the city of Fatehpur Sikri, Khajuraho temples and erotic sculptures and those of Bhubaneswar in Orissa. You can relax in the beach resorts of the west side, in Goa, while enjoying to visit religious sites like the caves of Ellora, World Heritage of UNESCO. Mumbai is the capital of Indian cinema but also the financial and commercial pillar of the country. Victorian monuments located on the seafront are tourist attractions. Rajasthan is a colorful, traditional dress of the old castles Rajasthani powerful Rajputs of Jaipur as the pink or blue Jodhpur. Many travelers back traumatized by the vast poverty of the country but most returned to find the unique ambiance of India, filled with spirituality on spectacular landscapes.

Elegance and hospitality such cannot go overlooked or leave you indifferent. Holidays in India can point to other similar holidays: It is a story of love and passion. Visit after visit, you cannot forget India, more the ambiguity and beauty of India remain unexplored. India has everything you envision and more to discover.


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