Fight Back Pain by Learning Massage Therapy

According to various studies and the bureau of labor statistics, massage practice had more than doubled in the last few years with many people reverting to massage as a regular preventative health-boost as well as a cure for common back problems. The number of massage professionals, practicing one or more of the several types of popular massage, has also increased by a large amount, signifying that massage therapy is fast becoming a universally accepted form of treatment.

Learning about massage therapy

If conducted correctly, a few massage therapy sessions with a knowledgeable and experienced therapist can work wonders for back problems. Massage therapy schools teach anyone who wish to learn the art, without the need for previous medical background or experience. The theory teaches prospective students the physiology of the human body and the different muscles and muscle sets involved in movement as well as the connected nerves that they can affect in case of problems. It teaches students the RMT Richmond ways in which a problem might occur, how muscles become imbalanced and how circulation affects the whole system. The massage training teaches students how to work the human body, in various ways, so as to remove muscle imbalances and muscle-stress which cause pain and to correct many other conditions, through the improvement of blood circulation. Attending massage therapy training can be both beneficial for yourself and your loved ones. Not only is it a great way to earn a good living, it provides you with a sense of happiness from helping your clients or loved ones and also teaches you how to battle and relieve muscle stress for yourself as well. Massage therapy helps with muscular pain, insomnia and even mental stress as well as a range of illnesses.

Here are some proven ways in which massage actually works on the body (especially along the spinal cord) as a healing tool (according to research on studies conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association)

— It improves blood circulation, especially to inflamed muscles, and helps ease muscle soreness, especially after physical activity which has strained the muscles in the back (like sports, washing dished or moving furniture).
— It improves flexibility in the muscles and helps relax the body.
— Massage increases the release of endorphins into the body (which is the feel-good natural chemical) which provide quick relief from persistent pain.

Neuromuscular Massage therapy; the best way to treat a bad back

Neuromuscular therapy (or ‘trigger-point myotherapy’) is the most effective form of massage for back pains. It is considered the most effective way to deal with soft tissue injuries (like strains and stretched muscles). This form of therapy involves applying pressure to the areas of muscle spasm using the hands (fingers and knuckles) and elbows. Muscle spasm is caused by inflammation of the sore muscles, and this in turn causes restriction of blood flow to the affected area. The lack of blood flow and therefore, of ample oxygen to the sore muscles, causes the muscle to produce lactic acid (which is the reason for the feeling of soreness); this form of massage relaxes the muscles so that this acid is then released as a result of improved blood flow.


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