Gemstone Globes – Give the World As a Gift

Gift giving can be a tiresome task – trying to find the perfect present for that special person who already has everything they need is an even more frustrating job. You know you’d give them the world if you could, and now you really can. Giving a gift of a gemstone globe is giving a gift of both beauty and practicality.

Gemstone globes can be found in many different varieties and sizes. All are beautifully crafted, using either precious gemstones, semi-precious stones, or a combination of the two to create elaborate country shapes, resulting in a brilliantly colored globe. Oceans may be Tansanit exquisitely portrayed using translucent Mother of Pearl, creamy white or blue opal, or even jet black onyx, to name a few.

To assist even further in choosing just the right gift, they are available in many designs. Some of the choices include:

  • Desk top gemstone globes
  • Gemstone globe artwork
  • Floor stand gemstone globes
  • Gemstone globe bottle stoppers
  • Gemstone globe clocks
  • Gemstone globe key chains
  • Gemstone globe paperweights
  • Gemstone globe jewelry

To add even further variety, each globe design has unique characteristics from which to choose. Desk top and floor stand globes are supported by mounts that come in numerous selections. Gold, silver, pewter and brass mounts may be selected to further enhance room décor and furnishings. Mounts may be quite ornate and decorative, or simple and elegant. Sizes of the globes also vary from 13 inches in diameter to 3-4 inches on the smallest desk models, ensuring that there will be just the right size for each owner.

Globe clocks are generally small enough to fit directly on a table or desk, with the clock face positioned either on the base of the clock or suspended within an arched design that supports the globe. Some clocks also feature a thermometer to add extra appeal. Beautiful gemstones accentuate the diminutive globe on the mount that is gold toned, silver, pewter or brass. Contemporary designs for the base are also available for more modern surroundings.

For gifts of smaller size yet still large in beauty and appeal, paperweights, artwork, bottle stoppers, key chains and jewelry can rate among your selections. Featuring the same gemstones and globe designs, these miniature worldly gifts offer even more opportunities for appreciative use. Paperweights can be utilized as they are intended on a desk or table, or simply take up residence on the surface as a display of beauty. Artwork profiling the gemstone globe can take a prominent place as a display item on any mantle, shelf or side table. Bottle stoppers are not only lovely items to accent a wine bottle collection, but they also can be useful when the bottles are opened. Key chains and jewelry are welcome gifts at any time, but especially so with the glittering gemstone globes attached .

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