How Condensing Boilers Can Help To Look After The Planet

The Earth is a very beautiful planet, full of wonderful animals, magnificent plants and fascinating people from all walks of life. In the modern world, people are becoming more aware that if they do not take care of the planet, then some of these species of animal and plants may not be around for their children to enjoy, and some of these people will no longer be able to survive due to the adverse effects of climate change. Scientists are discovering that although one person’s actions may not directly affect them, these actions could end up affecting people and things on the other side of the world. It should therefore be everyone’s responsibility to try to take care of the planet so that these effects are minimised. Ordinary people can try to help by controlling their use of resources and considering the amount of greenhouse emissions which they are responsible for.

In the past 20 years, scientists and technology experts have been trying to come up with greener technologies, which can help to minimise the use of natural resources and which will also help to reduce the household energy bills of ordinary consumers. Scientists know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it is only ever transferred from one sort of energy to another. They have realised that to increase efficiency, they must minimise the amount of energy which is “wasted” in by-products.

In normal boilers Geen warm water, most of the energy which is used does actually get used for its intended purpose, which is heating water, but some of the energy which is used is also “wasted” in the by products are emitted from the boiler. These exhaust gases are usually expelled through a flue in a standard boiler, so that they do not go directly into the property. However, scientists have realised that there is heat energy in these exhaust gases, which can be extracted and reused to provide excess heat for the boiler! They have therefore designed condensing boilers to help them to make use of the heat energy which would otherwise be wasted.

In their earliest incarnations, condensing boilers got a lot of bad press, as hundreds of rumours spread about them being unreliable and expensive. However, as technology has improved, these rumours have been repeated proven to be false, and condensing boilers have become more and more popular. The British Building Research Establishment (BRE) have declared that modern condensing boilers are just as reliable as standard boilers, they need servicing less often, and they are just as easy to service as regular boilers!

In fact, building regulations in the UK now mean that all new gas central heating boilers which have been fitted since 2005 must now have a condensing element, unless there are exceptional circumstances which would prevent this regulation from being adhered to. This regulation was introduce in part to make new homes more energy efficient, because condensing boilers have been found to be more energy efficient than standard boilers under every single operating condition.


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