Network Solutions, Internic

Major Internet companies are losing credibility with customers, in fact customers they communicate cannot even be sure it is these companies contacting them in the first place. Companies like eBay, Network Solutions, Internic, PayPal have been huge targets as their customer databases are numerous and trusting of those brand names. Often a scam artist will send an email in a phishing attempt pretending to be from the company asking the customer to verify the information.

They use fake emails to steal identity, how can we stop this, enable receiver to know where in fact the email came from. If we lose our ability to keep the Internet safe for users then more people will chose not to use it and this will hurt so many legitimate Refurbished Laptops companies. It effects profits too since Internet Transactions are on average 200% more efficient. Companies which can do some of their business or a good chunk of it on the Internet will be more profitable and have better earnings and efficiency which transfers to shareholder’s equity and quarterly profits which is good for the market.

Unfortunately the FBI and FTC are completely inept at curbing this fraud, in fact they are proving how easy it is for scam artists and hackers and thus helping them. Who takes it in the shorts? The consumer and the public while the crooks run free. If we do not have this problem fixed we will lose these efficiencies of the greatest communication system ever created in the history of the world. We must protect it and prevent fraud. Think on this.


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