Should I Consider Buying a Vehicle on eBay?

Do you enjoy eBay? Do you enjoy saving thousands of dollars? Do you hate buying from car dealerships knowing they marked the cars up and you can’t do anything about it? WAIT, you can do something about it. eBay Motors has turned into a gold mine for those willing to learn the process and take advantage of it. Finding cheap used cars for sale is not a difficult process at all when it comes to eBay. You just need to know the tricks.

First, make sure you are already familiar with eBay. I would never recommend anyone purchase a vehicle as their first auction. You need to be familiar with the process otherwise you will be incredibly overwhelmed. If you need to buy a cheap used car today, I would recommend reading a few articles on buying locally and not jumping into the eBay game. It will take you sometime to be comfortable making this large of a purchase on eBay.

Second, don’t bother searching through every listing on eBay Motors. Stick with the auction style format since that is the only real way you get to set your las vegas dmv price. eBay offers many options like classified ads, and best offer listings but you are still paying someone else’s purchase price, not yours. Only in the auction style format do you get to set your price and not waver.

Third, search under the term “no reserve.” This is true auction style fun. If a vehicle is truly on eBay to be sold, it will have no reserve and the highest bidder wins. I personally have bought a half dozen “no reserve” vehicles from eBay and saved thousands.

Are you wondering how you to keep yourself safe even when you find a good deal? Seller ratings and feedback are an integral part of keeping yourself safe. Look at the seller’s reputation for honest transactions. Don’t ignore one or two bad reviews, especially if they involved other car sales. A person may sell a lot on eBay but be very poor in describing their vehicles accurately. And if you are still nervous, check with eBay’s customer service on ways to protect yourself such as PayPal and eBay purchase protection.

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