What Are the Advantages of Being a Medical Assistant?

So you are officially a Medical Assistant (MA) and wondering what lies ahead? It is one of the ever growing careers in US which places 200,000 jobs in demand by 2016. Nevertheless, healthcare profession do has its challenges and perks as you will be allied with medical officers to ease their arduous responsibilities.

However, it is best to note that those MAs are different job descriptions than physicians’ assistants. Thus, their task does not involve examination, providing diagnosis and treatment planning under a physicians’ direction. Prepare yourself to juggle between history taking, organizing medical records, answering phone calls and enquiries, practicing infection control, preparing examination room and instruments, administering drugs, conduct lab test and educating patients on treatment plans.

Being an MA brings the advantage of having the right Benzo Withdrawal medical knowledge to ensure ones’ quality of life and their loved ones. The perks of knowing how to decipher a medical condition from a norm would definitely be useful in life. Besides, working in a hospital or private practice will get you protected with a good medical or dental plan. Therefore, your rainy days would be covered and safe.

Working in the medical line is also intriguing in the sense that the circle of people you meet everyday would vary in background, personality, culture and perception. So the exposure would definitely make your career less mundane and ensure your passion keeps on burning. The networks you made would be a great opportunity to have you up the ladder in your career.

When you have been a source of relief to the sick and diseased, the sense of satisfaction would accompany along your profession. Being the pillar of strength of your patients’ emotional state, it will certainly give strength to your character and personal outlook in life.


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